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July 01 - Amelia





July 01 - Montreal and Tennessee with Fiona

luau at Fiona's place



July-August - Sower project at Camp Shoshanah in the Adirondacks, New York


July 04 - Camp Shoshanah

Sowers on this proect

Bruce & Ginny McMillin , Jim & Lea Widener, Wayne & Connie Andersen, the Strongs



Staff of the Camp

Dan & Arlene Rigny, Gary & Missy Demers, Rivka, Wayne & Jean,



Around Camp Shoshanah.  A beautiful property in the Adirondacks near Keeseville NY, used by Ariel Ministry as a family camp for Messianic Jews. These are Jews that have accepted that Jesus, or Jeshua as they call Him, is the Messiah. The classes last about 3 weeks each summer, and are complemented by 1-2 weeks of special classes for Russian Messianic Jews. Sowers are invited to attend the evening classes and to partake of all meals served at the camp.








Trout Pond



Building a shelter for the AC units (keep the snow off of them during the winter)




Starting work on building on top of a trailer frame to be used as an office.



Ladies working in the kitchen. "Slice, chop, mutilate" for daily salads for about 125 people.


How do you open this?





a shabbat meal every Friday night



The wedding

This summer, there was a rededication wedding at camp.




No additional pictures before Jan 2002

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