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Oct 01 - Burlington

Burlington Vermont is just across Lake Champlain and accessible by ferry.

A neat town, lots to see, lots of visitor activities.

New construction on the water, Brazilian BBQ


Burlington Mall has several statues and lots of stores and restaurants



Oct 05 - Old Montreal

Back in Montreal for the weekend, we visited old Montreal.  It is a older city, founded in 1620.  Many French style buildings still exist in Montreal.


Notre Dame Cathedral

Montreal is an island in the middle of eth St Lawrence River and the Seaway.  Lots of ship traffic and water activities.



Oct 07 - Ausable Chasm

Ausable Chasm is just a 15 mite drive form Camp Shoshanah. Pretty all times of the year, but especially in Spring or when there has been a recent rain.  you can view all of this from the bridge that crosses Ausable river.




Oct 10 - Essex Ferry

Taking the ferry from Essex New York to Burlington.  A foggy morning.



Oct 10 - Shelbourne Museum

A great museum with all sorts of collections.

Featured exhibit was camping

I'd love one of these.....

Progression through the years








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