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I spent most of 2004 volunteering at the YWAM Twin Oaks campus in Garden Valley, Texas, while Patty was with Aimee in Killeen, Texas.  Gary was stationed in Iraq then. I would drive to Killeen for most weekends.

Jan 13 - Men's Dorm Siding

We started by making the ladders which would be used as scaffolding for the side of the men's dorm at YWAM that needed residing. It didn't take log to do the job.




Jan 15 - Party at YWAM

These are some of the many friends we made at YWAM during my stay. Many pictures, but I put them down here for posterity.

The party started off quietly enough....



But then, something said was very funny...





Jan 20 - RV sites at YWAM

These were the RV sites for Sowers at YWAM at the start of the year.  We made some improvements later.


Jan 24 - Mary and Caden

At this time, when I was parked at YWAM, Brady's house was about 1/4 mile away on the other side of the campus.




Jan 25 - Dorm 8 Renovation

We emptied out dorm 8 and started a renovation. First remove flooring, take things apart, clean debris.



Do tile work - whole house. Three of us working on this.



Kitchen remodel


restain door - remove bird nests




start on bathroom



Jan 25 - Maintenance Staff Meeting


---,---, Cody and Kevin

Jason, Bob and Chris

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