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July 03 - Pics from Gary in Iraq

Gary was give a camera trough the APO mail and has now sent back some pictures of himself and his "improved" living conditions in Iraq.




God keep you, Gary...and hurry home.


July 04 - The Fourth Celebrations

Every Fourth of July, FatherHeart at YWAM sponsors an afternoon of fun for the kids and a fireworks display. Lately, Brady has been assisting in setting off the fireworks.  We won't show pics of the fireworks here, just the kids.

Earlier in the day...



Mary dressed Caden in a tutu.


At Fatherheart, first swings and pool


Then, fireworks!


There's Grandma holdiig Caden

Great way to spend the Fourth.


July 17 - Caden's 2nd Birthday Party

Caden is two today.  Time for a party!


Caden's excited...


Let's dance...


Let's unwrap presents










Then, the cake...


July 23 - Home in Killeen

A few shots of the flowers at Gary and Aimee's home in Killeen.



July 26 - Mike and Diana at Buca di Beppo

Mike and Diana are Gary's kids. We took them to Buca for supper at the kitchen table in Dallas.




First, the salad and the cheese garlic bread


Then the stiffed pasta and the spaghetti with 1/2 pound meatballs!


Now, we're stuffed!  Let's have dessert! Tiramisu is good.


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