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Mar 10 - work by 29ers

Volunteers called 29ers adding a room to a building to become the Winkie Library.  We'll work on this building next.





Mar 10 - YWAM Sunset

Same day in the evening.



Mar 17 - Bluebonnets

Mid-March is bluebonnet time.





Mar 16 - Mini-Vacation Starts- Port Lavaca

We're going to take a mini-vacation (less than a week) and go to the gulf shore south of Houston to see the birds. Not taking the RV, just the tent. First stop is Port Lavaca.

Gorgeous pier




In  the museum


Mar 16 - San Bernard Refuge

Didn't see too many birds, but..





Mar 16 - Surfside Beach

Now that's was you call a beach.  Nearly all to ourselves. How would you like to spend the day just loafing around here?



Mar 17 - Arkansas Wildlife Refuge

This is what the beach looks like here.


Found a pond close by with the usual critters



 Mar 18 - Goose Island State Park

Here is where the shore birds were hiding out.





On the pier, some air boats getting ready to move out, and a boy with a fish on his line.




Mar 19 - Canyon Lake

We drove inland and came to Canyon Lake - north of San Antonio



Mar 20 - Blanco State Park

Just the falls.  Had a great walk around Blanco.


Mar 20 - Guadalupe River State Park

Great place to swim, and tube float down the river.


In teh park store, this poster.  Birds, at Last!


Mar 20 - Honey Creek Preserve

The Honey Creek Preserve is next door - a short walk to get there, and a great walk alongside the creek.



Did you ever see a cactus growing ON a tree?


Mar 23 - Boardwalk Siding

While we were out on our Sower break, the YWAM staff started working on siding the Boardwalk building.  Interesting to see how they used those scaffolding ladders.



Mar 24 - The Winkie Library

The 29er's are completing the Winkie Library while we were away.




Mar 27 - Kids at the Park

We took the kids to the park today.  Windy today!




Mary has her fiend with her.


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