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Nov 08 - Lost Maples State Park

Odds and ends taken at Lost Maples State Park in teh Texas Hill country west of Austin/San Antonio.





Nov 07 - Campground on the River



Nov 08 - Rt 39 near Hunt



This photo coming was stitched from 3 pics and taken under a bridge!



Strange house.



Beautiful streams



Nov 09 - Gardner State Park

Another of one our favorite State parks.  Much to see/do here.  The Frio river is very clear and lined with cypress trees, and a rocky shore. And the clouds were just right for some great pictures.








And a tree in the middle of the road!


Nov 11 - South Llano State Park

Close to Garner,  Much wildlife here, and a bird watchers paradise when the birds are migrating.

Wild turkey and deer in the campground



Birds in the baths and feeders

and rare white wood bats



Nov 20 - Amelia's 5th Birthday Party

This time we took Mary with us to Amelia's place for her birthday party.

Making a banner.


Polaroid pictures




And the birthday cake!


Little monkey cousins having fun




Do  you see what I see? Eating healthy food?

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