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Friday, Dec 2

Drove to Fort Sill, in Lawton, Oklahoma where Gary (daughter Aimee's husband) is stationed.  He is career army, Command Sergeant Major of a regiment.  You recall that he had returned last February from 14 months in Iraq and Kuwait. 

Saturday, Dec 3

That's Aimee and Gary getting ready for a ball in which he was honored with a medal.  Their house on the parade square is a beautiful old mansion, provided by the Army, that they moved into just a few weeks ago.







Monday, Dec 5

We had a great time that weekend, and would have stayed longer, but both Aimee and Gary had to work on Monday morning.  So, we took off for Nashville, Tennessee, where daughter Fiona and friend Sandy have just purchased a great house in nearby Mt Juliet.

We were impressed!  Actually, we are blessed that all of our children live in great houses. More importantly, we are blessed because we have great children!

Tuesday, Dec 6

Sandy works for the Tennessean (Nashville daily newspaper), and Fiona occasionally works for Cadillac (which sponsors plays), so they got four free tickets for Tuna Christmas. a hilarious 2-man show about 10 or so Texas characters that they play.  Since it was opening night (and of course because of our "connections"), we were treated to a pre-show buffet, as well as a post-show buffet!  Patty and Ed both received door prizes, Patty the grand prize.  Patty gave away the golf bag to another raffle, the $75 restaurant voucher and two tickets to a play to Fiona and Sandy, and Ed gave the 12 golf balls he won to someone who plays golf!  We had a great time!   

Friday, Dec 9

After a few days in Nashville, it was time to head for Montreal.  We left about 8 a.m., and got to London, Ontario, about 12 hours later, where we stopped for the night. 

Saturday, Dec 10

Got to our destination, Greenfield Park, a suburb of Montreal, about 3 pm.  Over 2200 miles from Lawton, Oklahoma.  The drive was good: we felt more comfortable in the truck than we would have been in the car.  Anyway, we were prepared for any snow with the four wheel drive truck.

Week of Sunday, Dec 11

Ed's sister, Mimi's, Christmas tree. 

Snow on the truck. 16 inches of snow on Friday Dec.16. A white Christmas in Montreal.

Sunday, Dec.18

Derek, Verr and their two children Amelia and Eleanor, and Fiona went up to Montreal for a cousin's wedding on December 16, so we decided to have Christmas at Ed's sister Mimi's house in Montreal on December 18.  Another cousin, Andrea, Mimi's daughter, and her husband Dave also came with their two children Breanna and Shane.   We exchanged presents and these pictures of everyone's faces say more than any words we could use.







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