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October and November was family time in Lindale, as we stayed home for the fall season.  Our next trip will be in January and February when we spend some time in the Rio Grande valley (southernmost part of Texas).  Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of our family fun...


October 14 in Lindale Texas at the Country Fest







Each year in Lindale, the Rotary Club puts on a children's parade and then an auction, games and crafts at the local school grounds.  We went with Mary, Anna and Caden.  Lots of fun!







The flag. Picking up candy.  In many parades in Texas, pariticipants throw candy at the kids watching the parade.  This has become such a tradition that the amount of candy thrown each year seems to be increasing, and it is hot uncommon for some choildren to have very big bags of candy by the end of the parade.  Yeah! a fire truck!



Don't laugh.  What kind of face would you have if you threw a rubber chicken?











Caden on a pony.  They all got to ride the ponies.  But the bucking mechanical bull was broken this year.  Anna's first country fest.  Yum...corn dog!  Get to sit in the fire truck.



What we haven't shown here was the "mutton bustin'"...the kids get to ride a sheep bareback while it is running hard (and scared)toward some food held by a trainer  Or the carnival slides, the crafts exhibits, auctions etc.  A fun day!

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