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Friday, April 22

Today was the day for Amelia's dance competition!  It was probably the first and best reason fro being in the San Antonio area this time of year. Here are some pictures of Amelia:
























What can we say? Amelia's dance group won GOLD in the competition and she came home with a blue ribbon.

Would you say they were happy about it?








Friday, April 28

The following Friday, it was Mary and Anna's turn for a dance recital.  Of course, we were there for pictures.

First it was Anna's turn...










Then, Mary's...












We're proud of all of our girls. That's Grandma Patty with Anna, and Mary with their friend.

We're also proud of Caden.  After seeing that there were boys dancing on the stage as well, he said he would like to do it too!  Perhaps we'll have pictures of him next year...








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