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July 07 - Day in Burlington


These things caught our eye today.


Wood fired pizza!



July 14 - Parade and Woodmen Competitions in Tupper Lake


We knew there was to be a Woodmen's Days in Tupper Lake this weekend, and we weren't disappointed.


First the parade.



And then the logging trucks







And the woodmen (and women's ) competition




Chainsaw carving


Some beautiful examples of carving on a trailer.


And how about this basket made of wood?


July 15 - Hot dog cookout at the Trout Pond

Every weekend, hot dog cookout at Camp Shoshanah. Here comes the truck wit the food.





July 20 - Sower project at Camp Shoshanah

Of course, the reason we were in the Adirondacks this summer was for the Sower project.  Camp Shoshanah is a messianic Jewish family camp where families come during the summer months to learn and study. A messianic Jew is a Jew who has accepted Jesus as the Messiah. Many spend their vacation weeks here every year.  Here are a few snaps of Sowers and project.

This set of pictures gives you a good idea of what goes on for three weeks when a group of Sowers get together to work on a project, besides all of the travel around the location during the three-day weekends. We assembled first to see that our main work was to put exterior siding on his building, the new dining hall.




Upstairs and downstairs



I got assigning to help put up canopies over all of the doors. Right is the finished product.


Here are the Sower couples this month:


And our good friends at the Camp


A get together at break every day


The kitchen crew..

and the siding work...


Patty got to do some work with the flowers


Jewish sader Passover meal every Friday night. Arnold Fructenbaum, founder and teacher


where the RV's are parked and free time at the pond...


Great place in the Adirondacks.

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