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Mar 05 - Digging at the Ranch

Now home in Texas. One of the continuing projects at the Ranch is the replacing of old water pipes.  The original pipes are not schedule 40 and break easily. Now, especially when a new resident is connecting up, we replace what we can.



Mar 08 - Bradford Pear Flowers

The beginning of March is the time our Bradford pear trees are in bloom.  White flowers in spring and red leaves in fall - a great combination. with the number of trees we have around our house, there are thousands of flowers.




Mar 16 - Backyard flowers

It's spring in Texas. Here are some of our backyard flowers.




Mar 16 - Bonfire at Bass Lake

Ready for hotdogs and marshmallows?

Patty loves her marshmallows




Mar 27 - Country Flowers

The fields are full of theses small yellow flowers.


Mar 31 - Flowers at Brookshire Center

Brookshire's , our local grocery chain, has a center in Tyler with many flowers. We went there with Mary, Caden and Levi.








And. here are the kids.....




Ed got a new barbeque today


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