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Dec 03 - School Pictures



Dec 06 - Levi Party

Dad's busy, Mary's the reindeer, and Levi's ready



Hmmm, cake...


Watch out, Levi! Caden's gonna get you....



The Williford's


Dec 06 - Christmas Parade in Lindale

waiting for the candy and Santa..


There he is...




Dec 07 - August's Party

August is Levi's cousin - the son of Jan's brother, Jeff.  Levi and august were born in the same week.




Andrea's parents and Jeff's (Jan's )parents





Dec 12 - Christmas at the Children's Home

Every Christmas, the church members collect funds to buy presents for the children at a children's home.  This year, there was enough money to buy everyone several presents.  Santa was there to distribute the presents.


Patty and Naomi, Pastor Brad, Ed and Patty




Dec 15 - Anna's Christmas


We took Anna to Chuck E. Cheese's for her Christmas.

and then suprised here at home with a new bicycle...


Dec 16 - Caden's Christmas

Caden's turn today...






Dec 17 - Mary and Ice Cream

Doesn't this make you want one too?






Dec 19 - Bass Lake Christmas Party at the Shed










Dec 19 - The Rose Garden in  Tyler

Took in a picnic at the Rose Garden.  You can do that in Texas in mid-December.




Dec 21 - At Gary and Aimee's in OK for Christmas

Next day...



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