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Tuesday, July 1

Happy Canada Day, Eh?

It's busy around our bird feeder  this morning...










We started up, north US 24 to Woodland Park where we hooked onto CO 67.  We were interested in the campgrounds a few miles north of town (South Meadow, Painted Rock, Colorado) but when we arrive at these, we were disappointed - it was too hot that day, even at this elevation, the campsites were bare, and it was too early to stop.  Heading north again, along the South Platte river, we stopped and looked at Lone Rock, Bridge Crossing and Platte River campgrounds, but these were small fishing camps, and were already spoiled by the other campgrounds we had visited the last time out.  So, we drove north on County Road 97 to dirt road Sugar Creek Road to Sprucewood where it becomes paved, then northeast to US 85 to County Road 7 West and 3 north to  Chatfield State Park.  A long drive, but we enjoyed this state park, just on the south side of Denver.  Fire and meashmallows again, of course!  A little warm during the night, but OK.

Around Chatfield State Park:









Lots of magpies.







Which boat do you think would suit our needs better?














Wednesday, July 2

This next day was very interesting (as if these last few were boring!).  We found Deer Creek Canyon Rd West to South Turkey Creek Rd to US 285. We went west on US 285 to Kenosha Pass (10001 ft is official; we guess they tried hard to point out that the pass was over 10000 ft).  This was very pleasant with campgrounds on both sides of the pass.  When reading one of the "billboards" there, we learned of a great dirt road between Grant (a few miles we had passed), over Guanella Pass (11669 ft, over the tree line) to Georgetown. 





Trees at the pass.








Some columbines at the pass.






We turned around.  It was great; fun up the road, fun at the pass, and fun at the several reservoir lakes on the downside of the pass to Georgetown.  Here are some of the things we saw going up to Guanella Pass on the road to Grant to Georgetown:




Notice the snow...












At the pass:




















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