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Saturday, July 12, continued

We went back to Rampart Lake today. Drove up 24 to the Hungry Bear Restaurant for breakfast (lots!), then went for a walk in Woodland Park where we came to a "garage sale" at one of the local churches.  Found a book and two shoe racks we couldn't pass up.

Before we got to the lake on Rampart Range Rd, we decided to take a hike down Rainbow Gulch trail.  Here are some of the things we saw:









Up the dirt Rampart Ridge Rd (Forest Service 300) and south to Forest Service Rd 306, then east to the campgrounds (one of which we stayed at last week) and to the boat launch on Rampart Lake. What a tranquil spot!    We plopped down on the beach, with backs against rocks and took in the lake: several people fishing, canoeing, some others walking. 


This is Rampart lake,  It is a reservoir for the city of Colorado Springs.  As we approached it, we were stopped by a guard wielding a firearm.  Access to the lake is now controlled, no motors permitted,  because zebra mussels have been found in Pueblo lake, and there is concern that this might happen here.  If it did, it could disrupt the water supply to the city because the mussels can clog pipes. The mussels can take on a microscopic form that can hide even in boat engines.  We saw later in the week that other lakes are instituting mandatory boat washing stations to stop the spread of the mussels. 

After an hour or so, we took off again, south to FS Rd 303 which was supposed to lead to another lake but was blocked by a gate, then another attempt to see the Eagle Lake Boys Camp on Palmer Lake (part of the Navigators), again blocked by a gate. 


Some scenes along the road.  Note the snow fence.  I wonder how much snow they get here.













Decided to go south on Rampart Range Rd to the end at Garden of the Gods.  Different kind of road surface - rougher, lots of big washboard sections, many switchbacks.  We stopped at a pullout where there was a plaque indicating that the road was constructed by the CCC in 1938.  Taking a walk to the edge of the pullout, we were astounded by the view.

The road down and opposite us was US 24 at the point where a left turn gets you started up the road to Pikes Peak.  You can see part of the road in the picture.



We drove further and were surprised by the many switchbacks with sharp edges on a dirt road barely wide enough for two vehicles.  It was hard work...we were tired when we were down, but not sorry we had taken the road.

The last few miles of this road have great views of Colorado Springs and the road ends in the Garden of the gods.

Other - July 11-17

We were real busy this week.  Besides the above, and our regular work schedules as Sowers, these are some of  things we did.

11- helped Merritt’s son move. Four trucks loaded with boxes and stuff...

12- went to Rock Ledge ranch in the evening to hear a free concert blues singer

13- went to church at Woodmen Valley (church with two locations in Colorado Springs, connected by video); lunch at Noodles & Co; evening  DQ ice cream trip!

14- Manitou Springs, soda springs park, CS Little London Winds Orchestra free concert

15- Jason’s Deli meal

16- America the Beautiful park – doo wop concert; Patty and Ed danced and danced...

17- evening at Flying W Ranch for barbeque and great western and Christian music.  The fiddler is 5-time national champion; the guitar player 2-time flat pick champion.  What a concert!


Wednesday, July 17 - Colorado Wranglers at Flying W Ranch

Here are Bob and Ed clowning at the bar (Ed and Bob clown around everywhere...), and the Colorado Wranglers.






Colorado Springs from the Flying W ranch.






Earlier in the day, we saw the Big Horn Sheep ewes for the first time (we thought they were goats at first):







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