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Sunday, June 29

In the morning, we returned up the canyon to US 24. The sun was out and the scenery was grand.














Did you notice the two tunnels in a row in the middle picture?  And how is that for a fishing hole?



We headed west again to two places off the road where we were guided by our rock hounding guide book to collect rocks!  We did!  West again, passed Wilkinson Pass (9502 ft),

(view from the pass)







we wanted to see both Spinney Mountain and Eleven Mile State Parks and their lakes (famous for LARGE trout and pike), so we turned south on County Road 23 (San Juan St) to Mineral Springs Road then southeast on County Road 59.  We finally came to a small campground with campstore where we bought more peanut butter, jelly and bread for you-know-what-kind-of sandwiches.  We were disappointed with the campsites on these two state parks because they are both part of South Park - a large high plateau, dry with few trees - such a big difference from what we were used to in Colorado. 




(saw these along the way - see  the bare, dry ground)




We stayed for awhile watching people bring their boats out of the water (3 p.m., Sunday - poor people have to work tomorrow!), then headed east on County Road 90 back to US 24. 

At this time, we decided to head east and then a little north to the campsites on Rampart Lake of Rampart Range road.  To do this, you head east to Woodland Park (stop for Starbucks and diesel), then north until you reach the start of Rampart Range Road , then climb up and up to Forest Service Road 300, south on that road to Forest service Road 306, then east to Meadow Ridge Campground (elevation 9000 ft!).  There is another campground further east called Thunder Ridge - maybe next time!

Some flowers we saw in the campground while taking a hike to the lake...





















Great campground. With the geezer pass, free entry and 1/2 camping fees - $7.50.  We took a walk on the trail through the trees down to the lake and saw deer, and lots of flowers.  In the evening, more fire and more marshmallows.





Do you see the "eyes" on the tree on the right?









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