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Thursday, May 22, continued














Lots of wildlife.  The Canada geese were present in the park and making their usual amount of noise.  Buffalo tracks in many soft sandy areas, butterflies, grasshoppers with red bodies when flying, toads and these colorful lizards called "mountain boomers".  The lichen colors on the rocks were beautiful.


It may be hard to see, but there were many yellow flowers amongst the rocks.

Patty had much fun looking for and following the birds with her binoculars.





Then there was the view from the top. 

We got to sit on the rocks and enjoy the view.





Later in  the afternoon, we took a ride through Medicine Park, had lunch at the Riverside Cafe, and took this picture of kids in the swimming hole there.  Not June yet, but warm enough for swimming! 

Medicine Park is an interesting place, was a favorite resort in the '30's and 40's and is now undergoing renovation.  They've done a great job redoing the old Plantation Hotel.  Most of the buildings in town have cobblestone walls. 


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