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Tuesday, May 27 - Caprock Canyons

We made it to Caprock Canyons State Park in Texas this afternoon, about 150+ miles west of where we were this morning in the Wichita mountains.


The terrain changes depending on whether you are looking into the canyon or up the canyon walls.  Truly breathtaking in places, and easily accessed by road and short trails.


















Buffalo. We didn't see any live, but plenty of these 1/4 inch steel plate. 4 ft by 6 ft laser cuts.  Here at Caprock is the Texas herd, from the original few saved by Charles Goodnight's wife about 100 years ago.





Beautiful vistas, great prairie, lots of gypsum.


Cactus, red berries, blue berries, lots of thorns as well.






Picture of the day.  Can you even get a sense of how big this is just from the picture?









Wednesday, May 28 - Caprock Canyon Day 2

This morning, we decide to hike up the upper canyon trail.  It starts just about where the picture above was taken.  If you look at the first picture of the truck, you will also see this in the background.







Do the photos give you a sense of the grandeur? This park is like a miniature Canyonlands in Utah, and you don't have to hike down into the canyon to take the pictures (or up again after you have spent yourself hiking).

More photos on the next page.


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