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Nov 02 - Sassafras leaves

We have several (lots) of sassafras tress in the back of our property.  In the fall the leaves turn a beautiful copper color.


Nov 04 - Walk

We often take a walk (Patty much more than me) out of BLCRC and out the back where there is very little traffic. Today was a nice day.

This is the view outside our front door.



Nov 08 - Anna and the Wreath


Nov 08 - Hot Dog Roast for Church Members

Start with the hot dogs...




inside for fellowship


Then the hay ride....


Then the marshmallows...



Quite an evening, don't you think?


Nov 11 - Update on Water Slide construction at Lone Tree Camp

Jim, a companion Sower who worked with me on the the construction of the water slide at Lone Tree, sent me these pictures.  He worked there   an additional month after we left he project

Raising the stairs to the tower



Then the platform on the tower



Then the water tubes get up and connected




Looks like fun aligning and making the connections




Nov 16 - Amelia and Eleanor - Early Christmas

Sometimes, we need to celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts before the end of December because of family schedules.





Both with their dolls


Opening presents








Nov 17 - Eleanor at Home

Big sister has to go to school, and mommy and daddy to work..  After breakfast, time for a walk around the block





What we see along the way



Nov 17 - Photos of Photos, Amelia and Eleanor

Taking pictures of some pictures around the house..




Dad, too!

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