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Friday, October 3

We got the trailer and truck home today, but were supposed to be home on Monday.

Last Monday,  we were traveling from Oklahoma to home going west on 82 (north of Dallas) about 25 west of Gainesville when Patty noticed that the truck was blowing black smoke when the engine had to work either going up a slight hill or in acceleration.  Ed thought that the injectors were dirty and stopped at a parts store to get some injector cleaner.  It may have helped some, but soon the situation became worse.  Going through Muenster, about 10 miles west of Gainesville, the engine started to knock, noticeably.  When we looked up, there was a Ford dealer ahead on the left.  God is so good!  

They took the truck in right away, allowing us to park the trailer in the back of the dealership.  It was soon discovered that injector #5 was faulty, and our mechanic, Randy, had it fixed by about 4:00 p.m. Or so he thought.  When testing the truck, the black smoke continued, and he had to bring the truck in again for repair.  They allowed us to stay in the back of the dealership, and even provided an electrical outlet for our use.  The next morning, Tuesday, Randy couldn't get to it right away, because other work was scheduled.  He worked on it that afternoon, and had to replace three more injectors, which had apparently failed due to the increased pressure when #5 was fixed.  We spent the next night at the dealership. 

In the morning, Wednesday, Randy would not let is have the truck because he was hearing something in the engine that he suspected was serious.  That would mean a major tear down and the truck could not be ready before the following week.  The dealership gave is a loaner car and sent us home with it.

On Friday morning, they called to tell us that the truck was ready.  Apparently, before the tear down, they found a leak that was soon fixed.  We went back to Muenster to pick up the truck and trailer and got back home safely today.  The best part is that the engine is still under warranty (100,000 miles or 5 years) and all the work costs us only the $100 deductible!  


Tuesday, October 7

These are some of the flowers that were waiting for us when we got home:



























Saturday, October 10

This was the day for the annual Countryfest in Lindale.  The highlight for the kids was the parade, and especially to pick up all the candy that was thrown to you by the participants.


Mary, Anna, Caden

Same below.
















And, of course, Levi, especially interested in the sounds of the fire engines (loud!).











Later, at the fair, it doesn't look like they were having any fun, does it?



Ride 'em, cowboys.








Boys and girls choose different things to do.











October 13  - Party At Brisee's Place


The Brisee's were having a party in the back yard at their place. This couple, and Naomi, are good church friends, and we met at their house every week for a small group church session. They had lots going on at this party.









Then the dancing started.....



Oct 16 - Sower Pot Luck at Rockin C


Three days later, we were at the Sower Pot Luck at Rockin C ranch. This place, a Christian dude ranch is a Sower project, and Sowers present at any given month host a pot luck the second Thursday of the project.

First prayer....


Then the food....



Let's eat!



Oct 25 - BLCRC Meeting

Meeting of members.  That's Tom our president, speaking.



Oct 30 - FatherHeart Ministry


This ministry, about 4 miles from where we live, is a YWAM ministry that takes care of unwed mothers during their pregnancy (usually young girls), helps them in their Christian walk, helps them made the right decision for each whether to keep the child or let it go for adoption, and then arranges for the right Christian adoption parents. It will soon have another ministry called 4the1 which will take children from failed or otherwise troublesome foster homes, and place them in Christian adoptions.  Brady and Jan will be joining this ministry, ad in so doing, will additionally take these children into their home and get them ready for adoption.

You wouldn't know it from these pictures, but this was originally a Sears prefab home that belonged to Keith Green and his family.




All beautifully decorated, each room in a different style, and a kitchen (above) that can handle many.



Saw these signs today in Van.  Note the zoomed pic n the right which says that "it is against the law to post any signs in this area".  reminds me of the saying that" you can always tell a Texan, but you can't tell him much".



Oct 31 - Harvest

Brady and Jan don't celebrate Halloween with their kids, and there are plenty of church-related harvest events that allow the kids to dress up and collect candy.

Here are a couple of munchkins.





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