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Saturday, September 13


We drove to Bonito Lake, then continued past the lake on dirt roads to a crest at over 10,000 ft, then down through Nogal Canyon to the town of Nogal and back to Capitan.  In the process, we stopped here and there at old mines and sifted through mine tailings and overburden for rocks.


We stopped first at the Schoolhouse picnic area for lunch, then continued up the road to the lake. 








We were treated to some great views of the mountains...













How's this for a little log cabin in the woods?  WE saw several large homes coming down on the Nogal side.








Sunday, September 21

After finishing our project in Capitan, we drove with the trailer east to Roswell, about 70 miles.  Here we met up with Guy Malone and his new wife.  We knew Guy form Nashville; he was in the same church as Fiona at the time.

Roswell.  What can you say?  Alien stuff everywhere.












This is Bitter Lake, a few miles from Roswell.  We missed the Dragonfly Festival two weeks ago.  Apparently, there are more than 100 species here.


We were able to pick up some rocks, though.  Actually, the lady at the camp ground where we stayed in Roswell gave us a map to a place that had many Pecos diamonds, quartz-like crystals of various colors.  We came home with a bag full, as well as much agate.


Monday, September 22

A drive day, today.  Made it back to Caprock Canyons State Park, same place we were when we came in May to Colorado.  We plan to stay here a day, then to Oklahoma, at Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, to spend some time with Aimee and Gary.


Different flowers this time of year.








Got this shot just before sundown.








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