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Saturday, August 15 - Trip to Sun Valley

This trip on a Saturday started innocently enough; we were to make a trip to Sun Valley, and on the way there somewhere in the middle, we were going to get a motel room to stay the night and be back sometime Sunday afternoon.  It didn't turn out that way.

We went north Hwy 21 just past Boise as far as Stanley, then south on 75 to 20 and west on 20 to Mountain Home and west then on I84 to Boise and then home - 434 miles!

 Idaho has these interesting historical signs all over.  We made it a habit to stop for them.











How's this for a "junque" building?  It's in Idaho City.








Stopped to see some cedar waxwings...









... saw some beautiful sights...










Stanley Lake, with Stanley mountain in teh background....good fishing here...










Another view of Stanley lake.

We thought we could find a motel in this area at this point, and spend the rest of the afternoon and tomorrow morning here, but were surprised that there was none to be had.









A few miles down the road, we stopped at Red Fish Lodge, a fancy (read $$$$) resort.








A long way back home, but the scenery was great!








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