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Sunday, August 23 - Goose lake


This is Goose lake.

Water was low, and the lake was being emptied, in anticipation of runoff later next Spring.








Our camper nestled in the campground.


Another campsite in the campground.














See the dipper in the last photo.




A thoroughly enjoyable visit.  This is the type of campground that Patty and Ed enjoy most.


Monday, August 24 - to Hells Canyon

Hells Canyon is between Idaho and Oregon, and is the canyon that the Snake river runs through on its way north before joining the Columbia River.  They claim that the canyon is deeper than the Grand Canyon, and Ed wanted to take the jet boat tour.  We arrived late afternoon, and camped on the side of the river, waiting for the 9:30 am departure.










That's our jet boat there, on the right.



Tuesday, August 25 - Hells Canyon Jet Boat

This is the poster that got Ed's attention.

Others leaving on raft trips while we were waiting to board the jet boat.  These trips can be 1/2 to 4 days long.  Those taking the longer trips usually come back by jet boat.  You can't get to the other, northernmost, side of the canyon through the river because of the impassable rapids in the middle of the canyon.








OK. Now we are on the boat.

Hells Canyon dam.  The picture on the right is the fish catch.  There is no fish ladder for the salmon, so they trap them in this catch, and the hatchery pulls them out for their roe.











Your eyes have to be sharp to see the bald eagle.  How about the close-up?










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