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Jan 07 - Sunset

We often have gorgeous sunsets in Texas.  Some say it's all the pollution; I say it's all God.


Jan 12 - Water Hookup

Our community is getting a new municipal water source, but we will keep the well system running for watering plants and for drinking for those who prefer water without chlorine. Makes for some pipe installation, and several of the men in the community were on hand to help.









That's the way it is always in this community.  Hardly ever need any outside help, and usually you have too many coming if you ask for help. On one occasion we had 22 men show up with showers and picks to dig up a replace  100 ft+ schedule 40 4" pipe.  It was completed in about 90 minutes.  Here in Texas, as you can see above, you don't need but a foot to install water lines. We used 2 ft for electric and try to keep sewer at 3 ft.

Jan 15 - Square Dance

We found out that we had several square dancers in the community and a caller.  Time to set one up. Many were taught a few steps, and all had lots of fun.







Jan 17 - Anna's 8th Birthday Party




Levi loves sugar


and tractors



Jan 28 - Grandpa and Mary making Bracelet

Helping Mary make a bead bracelet



Jan 29 - Baseball

  Too much indoor TV watching. It's nice outside today - time for some baseball.








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