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Wednesday, July 29 - Arapaho Bay and  Monarch Lake

As we left Arapaho Bay, we saw a sign that said Monarch lake was only a mile away. We took it...and were glad we did.  It's a beautiful mountain lake, with a great hiking trail around it.  We started out just wanting to get to a another look around the lake, and eventually went over 4 miles around it.










These are the things we saw along the way,,,












 This steam engine is from a period when there was logging in the area.




  We didn't see any.






Thursday, July 30 - Vernal to Flaming Gorge

We spent a good part of the day travelling along hwy 40 past Steamboat Springs to Utah. The more interesting sites were from Vernal to Flaming Gorge.


Beautiful colored hills.







We were looking at this one when we heard this loud explosion behind us...






It was a dynamite blast for this mining operation up the hill.







We got to Flaming Gorge later in the day, and there is our camper in the campground.










Friday, July 31

No pictures today.  We drove from Flaming Gorge to Hwy 30 to Pocatello. Idaho, then along the interstate to a campground that featured prime rib cooked in a dutch oven! 

On Saturday, August 1, we drove the rest of the way to Hope Hose in Marsing, Idaho, where we would volunteer as Sowers for three weeks in August. We came the back way, taking off the interstate at about exit 120 and taking Hwy 78 to Marsing.

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