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May 01 - Home Flowers






May 05 - Painted bunting returns

Our favorite bird here at home.  He appears about 4-5 pm just about every day.  This time I was waiting for him.  He also brought an indigo bunting with him (female painted buntings are green).







April 16 - Back again.



May 21 - More Flowers at Home


Probably you are getting enough of these flowers, but they are here so that we can see them sometime in the future when we might not have them anymore.










May 21 - our Mailboxes

We're growing - look at all of our mailboxes.  We'll have to fix that soon.


May 23 - Mineola Nature Fest

Every spring, Mineola Nature preserve has a fest where the public has access to a variety of programs.  First we take a walk to see what is around today.







Today they had a raptor program.







A great program.  Never been this close to owls before.


The next day, we were famous! front page of the Tyler paper.



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