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Thursday, Dec. 24 - Coliseum, Repubblica



We stopped for capuchinos at the outside bar in front of the coliseum.  Patty and I remember that about 10 years ago, in November 1999, when we stopped at the same coffee bar.  I remember thinking "Pinch me.  I must be dreaming.  I'm sitting down for a coffee in Rome looking at the Coliseum!"  The same feeling again.


Even though it was chilly and wet, the palm trees here were showing their colors.


Walked past the coliseum towards the Domus Aureo (Golden House of Nero), but after walking up and searching all around the hill, we found out from the carabinieri (police) that the place was now closed to visitors. Bummer.

Took a shortcut towards Cavour, past the San Pietro in Vincoli church which houses the famous Moses statue of Michelangelo, but we were about 70 minutes early before the church was to be opened.  

You can still see it here, compliments of Google.


On back to Cavour, where we bought the supplies which were going to need for Christmas day.


We then had a rest (finally) at the hotel).





After 5 pm, we walked to Repubblica, a square between the hotel and the Termini station.  Even MacDonaldís was closed! 














About a block away from Repubblica, we stoppedat the English St Paulís church and took in a pre-mass service where we sang Christmas carols.  Got into the spirit!

Decided we wanted to go to our regular bar for supper, but when we got there, they were closing early for Christmas eve. We went back to the hotel and ate our Christmas supper then.



I bought small card for internet, was able to use my phone for email, weather info, etc. My new phone, an HTC Pure, can do just about everything, just like the iPhone.

Friday, Dec 25 - Christmas Day

All up for our breakfast on the hotel terrace:




 then to a mass at 10 am at the English Catholic church just around the corner from the hotel.  We again rested a few hours in the pm, and went back to Republicca to McDonald's for supper (what else would you want for Christmas supper?).





il Mac!  Note also the "dollar" menu, just 1 euro!

The fountain in the Repubblica square.











We enjoyed this square.  Much to see, with plenty of people milling around.

Walked around there, and saw where the Teatro del Opera was.  There was a performance of La Traviata this week, and we considered going.














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