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Sunday, September 6 - Blustery Day


We moved today to a new campground - a state park at Beverly Beach.  Here is what we saw along the way.

Isn't this a great mural? It's in Neskowin and made by students, families and friends of the Valley School.










It was very windy today, and we got some great pictures of wave action.

At Boiler Bay:






















You can't get the feeling with pictures, the waves crashing, mist coming your way...








Isn't this next picture interesting?  That's Patty sitting on the beach.  We were collecting rocks here.











Monday, September 7 - Newport Aquarium

Stayed at Beverly Beach State Park for one night, now at South Jetty, Florence until Friday.

On the way to the aquarium back in Newport, we stopped to take pictures of these sea lions in a wild sea.





















Stopped at a tide pool:



Good picture to show the green anemone open and closed.



strange plant life





neat lighthouse








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