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Feb 1


Today involved lots of shore line driving, but the first half of the day was in rain.  Some of it quite heavy.  Lots more houses high up on poles,seashore, and marshes.  We crossed through LA and not almost through MS.  There was a break in the rain for the afternoon so we enjoyed seeing the beautiful beaches in Pass Christian and Biloxi.  Had seafood lunch at the White Cap restaurant in Gulfport. We are spending the night at Gulf Islands National Seashore, in Ocean Springs, MS.  Here, there are some very strategic wetlands for this eco-system.  They have a very informative visitor center and there are trails, walkways, and piers out over the water, and IF it quits raining we'll actually get to go and enjoy those sights tomorrow. 

There is still some evidence along the shorelines of Katrina hitting 6 years ago.  Mostly homes, hotels and trees, that sort of thing.  There has been much rebuilding so you don't have the feel of what it must have been like.  The visitor center where we were wasn't hurt by the winds but the tidal surge that followed left 6 ft. of water inside.  It had to be totally redone.  So I imagine that is what happened to a lot of other properties.

 Anyway  we're only about 150 miles from our SOWER project where we are to be on Friday.  So we can poke around here tomorrow.

Feb 2

Yes, the sun came out and we were able to walk....a lot!  We might have got in 5-6 miles in total. Most of the time you know you've missed seeing some of the animals, birds, etc. that are there just because you don't know how to find them, but we did get to see a good sized alligator fairly close up.  He was lying in a pond and looked like a big ole dead log.  I imagine he was just hoping  for some unsuspecting animal to come by to join him for dinner:) 

 One direction we walked took us by the bay in Ocean Springs with a good variety of birds.  I'm almost sure we even saw a couple of loons.  We sat on a pier and ate our peanut butter sandwiches and apples, and we were totally happy.

Here are some bird pictures we copied from story boards, typical of the birds here (some at different times of the year).  Saw many of them.



























































We met Pete who was out walking.  He was from Hawaii and was living nearby with his aunt and uncle so he could help as the uncle had developed Alzheimer's.  We walked a fair bit together, and he followed us back to our campsite before saying goodbye. After a nap, we decided to walk to the Visitor Center to see the film, but were stopped by Pete in his car.  He wanted us to have three DVD's that he thought we would like -  one on the largest model train, one on the great domino setup in Europe, and one on his own photos.  There are so many stories out there and so many great and Godly people.  We love hearing their stories.

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