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April 16

On Saturday we checked out one of the cars from the base here and took a nice long ride to the end of the lake then turned up into the mountains and it wasn't long until we were totally surrounded by snow.  We drove to
Gruyere which is a medieval city with a castle perched on top of a hill.  Actually, we had gone there before when we were here five years ago.




When we got there, there were people everywhere.  It turns out that they were having a big Easter Egg hunt.  It was fun.  Little kids running everywhere.  We ate at a nice restaurant there.  A dish of melted raclette cheese, bread, small potatoes, dill pickles and pickled onions.   It is very filling but oh so good.


We have been enjoying the nice breads and cheeses for eating but had managed to stay away from the chocolate until this weekend.  Because it's Easter, one nice lady gave us chocolate Easter bunnies, then later we had chocolate eggs.  Where will it all end?


We have enjoyed the Swiss people here at Mercy Ships, but we also have met quite a number of English people.  There's one group that meet's here for church on Sunday, and another group that has a Bible study on Tuesday nights.  Anyway, they've adopted us into their groups and we have really enjoyed them.  They are really funny, and we love listening to their accents. We went to an English family's home for Easter Day (after church).  Lots of good food, drink, and dessert.   We played Trivial Pursuit....English version (2 teams of 4 each) .  It was quite a  challenge all the questions about movies,  TV, literature and sports having to do with England stuff.  Thank goodness there were history and nature/science questions that we could answer.  Actually there were a number of questions that had to do with the US but some of those were too hard, also.  In the evening we watched a movie (DVD - high definition TV with surround sound) called Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams.  Actually we liked it a lot.  Very thought provoking. They even made us Gruyere cheese snacks. We thought that was so very nice!

   April 22










Here are some more pictures of Maison de Rovereaz.


We'll have been here three of our eight weeks.  In some ways the time has gone fast, in some ways slow.  I think the weather has been a major factor.  Easter day we had light snow flurries all day.  None of it stuck  but it sure was a good day for staying in ! 

We had Monday off, too.  A four day holiday.  Actually Friday and Saturday were sunny but pretty brisk.  We just had to bundle up.  Friday several of us took a good long walk....maybe six or seven miles.  We walked over to a park that has a small lake (Lac Sauvebelin) with ducks, and geese. 









Then we walked on down through Lausanne and down to Lake Geneva.  There's a very nice waterfront there (Ouchy) where there's always lots of people doing lots of things.....skateboarding, inline skating, regular skates, bikes, boating, sailing, picnicking and just strolling along, like us.  When it was time to go home we jumped on the bus for the long ride up the hill.




Ed got lucky to take this beautiful picture of a swan on the lake.


On another day, Trevor and Dorothy, the Directors, took us to the town of Bussy, with some interesting old buildings.  We loved the painting in one of them.













On still another day, we went to the wonderful flower gardens.









We also got to go to Vevey about 3 times.  Vevey is on Lake Geneva, and was the home of Charlie Chaplin.










That boat on the right is a passenger ferry that can take you from one end of the lake to the other, as well as across.

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