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Tulips...lots of them.








Here are Trevor and Dorothy, as well and Patty and Ed at the flower gardens.  It was a cool day.





April 22

As of last Thursday Patty had finished oiling all the wood on three of the floors, and Ed had finished most of the major sanding, filling the cracks, and sanding again on the biggest and most deteriorated shingles.  The biggest ones were the worst.  They are about 9 ft. high by 2 ft. wide. There were 8 of those.  The smaller ones aren't much smaller.....but then
there are some that are only 6 ft.  There are a total of 50 shutters on the building, but , thank goodness, they aren't all in disrepair.  Last week a man delivered 10 new ones to replace some that were too bad off to be fixed. Anyway, yesterday and today Patty got to help Ed by painting a basecoat on all the new ones.  Ed has been working hard lifting and carrying those things around.  He's usually exhausted by the end of the day, and Patty is not far behind him.

Yes, that's Patty and Ed pouring champagne.  Over the weekend, Mercy Ships was having a fundraiser at a golf club a few miles away.  We volunteered to serve as waiters.  These pictures were taken upstairs before the actual event; we were so busy afterward and the light was so bad downstairs that we couldn't take any more pictures.  The sumptuous meal was followed by a fashion show, everything from winter coats to swim wear..  They raised a good bit of money.









May 07

We have made great headway on the projects that we've been working on around the house, but we've slowed down a little bit.  Ed has been spending more time helping with computer projects in the office.  It gives his body a break from the hard work and gives his brain a chance to exercise.  Patty is at the point where she's helping Ed with the painting of the shutters, and doing small projects around the building. 

The weather is still quite cool and rainy.  We sure won't be ready for Texas heat.  We've spent time the last two weekends visiting with people that we know from when we were here five years ago.  It's interesting to see what God is doing in their lives. 

This first weekend we spent with Frederic and Susie Mayer, a Swiss couple living in Geneva that we went to DTS with.  He is now pastoring a small church near Geneva.  Sunday morning Ed was asked to speak a little in that church.  Everyone is always so nice, and thank  goodness most everyone can speak a little English.  On Sunday night, we visited the YWAM base where we had taken our Discipleship Training School and we able to see many more friends.  Even our school leader who had just arrived from Sweden.

On the next weekend, we went to visit with Nadia Cornut, a Swiss that was with us during our DTS.  She was now on the staff at YWAM Chatele, where they had an active program helping people with substance abuse. We had a great time. 

View from Chatel, and the vallon aubonne river



We have a little over two weeks left and are scheduled to come back on May 24 but we just heard that the airline we are flying on, Lufthansa, is striking for the next four Thursdays.....guess what day our flight is.

I really think we are beginning to be ready to come home.  Home is good.


 May 17

We are now into our last week here.  The time is passing quickly and we are still getting a lot of rain.  I bet it has rained at least half of the days that we've been working here.  They say that it's very unusual.

The good news is that the last two weekends have been nice.  We took a three day trip last Sat. , Sun., Mon.  We took all the back roads and stopped at sights along the way to our major destination which was the Matterhorn.  We were so thankful that the weather was perfect.  We were able to take the cable car to the top of the Kleine Matterhorn which is as close as you can get without hiking..  It was quite a  ride!  We were over 12,000 ft. and completely surrounded by snow.  It was about 20 degrees but the sun was out and there was no wind so we were plenty warm.  It felt like we were sitting on top of the world.  See Page 5 for pictures we took there.




The pastor of the little church we attend at Maison de Rovereaz wants us to give a short talk on Sunday about what we do and encouraging others to seek God's direction for service.  Usually that means to "bloom where you're planted."  (We enjoyed it!)

We have almost completed all that we had set out to do.  Ed only has a small amount of painting to do on the pillars on the front porch.  He has spent several days helping with computer projects or he would already be finished.  We feel like we've given our best and are happy with the is everyone else.  See next page.

 We are ready to return to Texas to see family and friends.  We will be home in time for Mary Emma's first birthday (May 24) and for Charlie and Dorothy McDaniel's 50th wedding anniversary.   WOW!!


We had time for several parties while we were in Switzerland.  Does it look like our trip was all work?


Pizza night.



Zoe's birthday party below.












Once a grandma, always a grandma...








Party at the house after Sunday church.







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