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Tuesday, Sept 2 to Friday, Sept 19, continued





























Five coats of paint...three primer, and two final.

That's as far as we got. The rest will be projects for future Sowers.







Meanwhile, the two ladies were busy fixing the porch concrete steps.  They had sunk, and they had to be lifted up, more sand put as a base, and leveled.

There were lots more lifted than shown here.  The ladies also did some painting and cleaning wood surfaces in the worship center, and helped with housekeeping.






Sunday, September 07

This Sunday, after church, we headed to Lincoln, an old town a few miles east of Capitan.  It is the town where Billy the Kid was involved in a skirmish called the Lincoln County Civil War, which led to his arrest for murdering someone, although he later escaped from jail.  Today, they were having a pie-baking contest.  We sampled a few, even one green chili-apple pie, which tasted great!


We started with lunch (green-chili burgers) at the Wortley Hotel. Built in 1872, and was involved in that Billy the Kid incidence.






Ever notice that that the bikers often find the places to visit at the right time?



You know we can't pass up flowers...











Well, we had a good afternoon there.  It was mostly an arts and crafts fair, but the weather was good and we enjoyed being outside.


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