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Friday, September 12

Day off today.  We decided to drive into Ruidoso to see the Hubbard Museum and take in lunch at a good New Mexico-style Mexican restaurant.  We stopped first at the Fort museum where the local gardeners has a beautiful flower garden.  It must have been "pink" day....











This was the view of the Capitan mountains, and the Capitan Gap from the road.








In this same picture, when you blow it up, you can see the bible camp in the photo just in front of the gap.








The Hubbard Museum is in Ruidoso Downs, home of horse racing, and the museum is THE horse museum.  Outside are these big statues of the various breed of horses.











You can tell the size of these by Patty standing next to them.






Inside were many example of various carriages...










Several bronze statues of various sizes, including this one of a older side-saddled woman eyeing a "modern" younger woman rider.








AND, there was this picture of Billy the Kid.











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