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Just before coming home from Israel, we decided to make a stop in England, and more specifically the Yorkshire area.  We had always liked the PBS series All Creatures on the veterinarian serving the Yorkshire animals and people of the area.

We had rented a car at the London airport, and headed first to Warwick castle.

wax figures in the castle




As we left. Patty had accidentally left her purse on top of he rental car.  We didn't realize this until four hours up the road in York, when we stopped for a B&B for the night. Ed panicked, Patty was calm. The lady of the house just asked us to call the police station near the castle to see if it was there.  We did, and found that one of the staff at the castle had collected the purse, brought it to the police station A FEW MILES AWAY, and they were holding it for our retrieval. Patty told the police to keep it until we came back in about 10 days.

Window in one of the B&B's, and Ed having tea


In one of the B&B's, shown here, we found that the gardens here were used in the TV program as Mrs Pumphrey's place.


the countryside


It was lambing season in Yorkshire.  Many lambs, and in one field you could hear a cuckoo bird.  When askiing about a room in one of the farms advertizing a B&B available, the lady of the house suggested we wait until her husband returns from  "muckin' out the barn".











stately homes










Our friends the Grimsleys, serving YWAM in England, went with use to visit a couple of castles.





On one of the stops, we happened to find a small restaurant that claimed to have won the title of Best Fish and Chips in Great Britain.  They were really good, sold to us on newspaper, and eaten on a park bench looking at the castle. 


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