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Israel.  We were asked to help with a YWAM school in a program called CEED (Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development) on mission and business. Stationed in Tiberius in a top floor apartment overlooking the Sea of Galilee we were doing liaison work for the group.

Ed drove a van, went to Tel Aviv (100 miles or so one way) 11 times for airport transfer, and bussed the group from apartment to lecture facilities and tours.

We had plenty of time for touring.

At the tomb in Jerusalem










outside the wall

























the Group.  We had fun shopping in the open markets for lunch food for the group while they were in study session.


The countryside



The desert










En Geti, where David hid from Saul



The Dead Sea, pasting the black mud on each other.  We forgot to bring towels, so you can imagine the van on the way home.










Baptism in the Jordan river







Jaffa, Tel Aviv


A picnic with the Swarrs


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