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March - Mary Faces

Mary's face is seldom expressionless.  Here are a few of my favorites. Cute.





Mar 15 Bass Lake - Sower Project Mar 01


Sower project was to construct several storage sheds at Bass Lake.  This is a development by Bill Taylor, a retired pastor, to supply a resting place for itinerant RV volunteers, a place to rest for a spell before moving on to the next project. Several lots already sold.

This is the crew, and Bill Taylor


Bill & Rea Taylor, Butch & Nancy Dobson, Ruth and Al Kalb, and ?


? and


Bass Lake at the time. You'll have to pan to get it all in...

and that's us




The man on the chop saw is 82 years young.  I hope I can do the same at his age.



Mar 19 - Washington on the Brazos

A short trip to the site of the signing of the papers for Texas independence.




Mar 25 - Ed's 60th Birthday Party



We're about to make a big transition here for our project in Switzerland at the Mercy Ships Europe Headquarters in Lausanne.

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