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Nov 02 - Mary and Caden and Gay and Aimeee




You have to watch where you are stepping


Nov 03 - Family pics

Hard to do, but with persistence, you get a few good ones.








Nov 06 - Work at Sky ranch - Sower Project

Work assignment to men was to demolish the interior of this building and replace with new sheetrock, electric and plumbing.

The demo



Putting it back together


finishing touches


ladies working outside



Nov 18 -  Mary at School Event


Nov 22 - Gary and Aimee and Brady

Nov 22 - Fiona in Oklahoma

Every Thanksgiving, the Simmons clan has a get together in Cache.  Fiona came this year.

Nov 28 - Thanksgiving in Texas

The Willifords go to the familyy reunion on Thanksgiving every year.  Everybody has to perform.

Mary Ann with her sisters



Marie Weiss, Jan's Grandmother


Jeff, Jan's brother


Mary's turn


 George Williford, Jan's Dad



Nov 30 - Mary and Caden




No Christmas pictures this year, so move on to 2003.

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