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May 30 - COE park

(Out of time sequence, but here to save some space on the previous page.)

This was the Corps of Engineers campground that we stayed in just before the Stanford Habitat project.  We've stayed in this park before as we like those in Kentucky.



Jun 15 - Cumberland Falls and Cumberland Gap

Wow! Look at this scenery....








June 24 - On the way to the Adirondacks of New York








July 26 - Butterflies at Paul Smith's VIC, New York

Yeah, July. we worked at the Sower project in Camp Shoshanah in the Adirondacks.  No pictures of work there.

At Paul Smith New York, north of Saranac Lake is a state interpretation Center (VIC) that has a butterfly house. We have been here a few ties, and usually go on the walk around the pond, but today, the butterflies were posing for us..





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