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Aug 08 - Trout Pond at Camp Shoshanah


Derek and Verr with Amelia here in New York to visit with us.



Where we are parked


Aug 08 - Derek, Fiona and Amelia with Uncle and Cousins


Derek and Verr came to Montreal area to visit with their uncle (Arthur, Muriel's brother) and their cousins.



Aug 09 - The Wedding


Amelia was the flower girl.









Aug 10 - With Ed's Mom - Fiona's Birthday Party






Aug 13 - Whiteface Mountain

  We went to Whiteface Mountain lookout  near Lake Placid.

The drive there.  The Ausable river, then you can see the mountain in the distance.

The gate and the climb up to the parking lot


Then the walk to the observation deck....and it's worth the drive and walk


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