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Sept - Poke-O-Moonshine

Poke-O-Moonshine is a mountain on the side of I87 near Keeseville, New York. It is used by rock climbers and hikers.  We walked to the top one day in September.





Sept 15 - Silver Mountain Lake

Another hike to the top of a mountain. Nice hike, beautiful views





Sept 23 -New River Bridge

This is the bridge in West Virginia that is used by Bungee jumpers at an annual event.  It's a long way down.  Also have a great hike from an access point on the highway.





Sept 25 -  Habitat for Humanity - Alderson West Virginia

Another Habitat build.  This time,  we stayed at a campground about 1/2 hour away. Alderson is the site of a federal women's prison (added later: that Martha Stewart stayed in).




Again, start with a foundation, and piles of lumber...


it liked to rain a lot


First wall up


second wall p

The walls are put up with the siding on.  Makes for a heavy lift.

 Note, there are no nail guns.  All construction is done with a hammer.  Too many people on the jobsite, nearly all amateur volunteers.

Cutting out the windows and doors, making the jambs.


stat on the interior walls


second day..roof framing



need concrete


coming along. also building a small storage building in the back.


finally the backhoe came, and we start on the roof


and electric

here are the six couples and two single men working this project







insulation time


and finishing the roof


time for a break


interior walls going up




looks like someone has been pulling wire.  Isn't that a neat wiring job? All the wires are properly labeled   too.



mud time.  Not that kind of mud.

and then the cleaning and packing up


Wasn't that a fun project? Did you see the smiles on all of the volunteers.  Note how women work side by side wit the men.

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