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December 8 - Arrival of Levi Aaron Simmons

When Brady and Jan were in the hospital on Dec 1 for the arrival of August, little did they know that they would get a telephone call a few days later asking them if they would be interested in adopting Anna's half-brother that was born on Nov. 29! Levi Aaron Simmons is a sweetheart.  That's G'ma Patty with him.


Then there are the happy parents, Jan and Brady. 





I guess the two sisters Anna and Mary really like their new brother.






December 10 - Christmas Play

On Sunday night at YWAM family night, we were treated to a Christmas play which featured Caden, Mary and Anna, along with their classmates.  What fun!  We got to sing Christmas carols later.







December 14 - Tyler Caldwell Zoo







We got to go to the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler with Mary, Anna and Caden.







It was a great day for taking pictures at the zoo.









Christmas 2006

We got to spend Christmas with our two girls.  First to Fort Sill, Oklahoma to spend a few days with Aimee and Gary, then to Nashville, Tennessee to spend some time with Fiona and Sandy.  We were blessed on Christmas eve with going to see "The Nativity" movie...got us into the right Christmas spirit.  On Saturday before Christmas, we went with a group from Sandy's church to Lebanon, Tennessee to give blankets, gloves, socks and candy to homeless people, and met a godly woman who works with the disadvantaged there. 

End 2006

Well, it's been another exciting year.  Check out our early 2007 entries...we are planning to spend January and February in the Rio Grande valley of Texas  (southernmost part, next to Mexico) working a couple of SOWER projects. 

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