FALL 2006                November, Page 3

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November 23 - Kids at Play

Back in Lindale, we spent some time with Anna, Mary and Caden.  That's Anna all dressed up.  Second picture is of the three of them when Anna and Mary got dressed up for a Thanksgiving program at their Christian Heritage School.

How about that last pose in front of the fireplace?






November 30 - Arrival of August Williford

Jan's brother, Jeff, and his wife, Andreia, had a baby boy on November 30.  This picture of August (Augustus was Jan and Jeff's grandfather's name) was taken when he was less than a day old!






November 30 - Christmas Trees at the Hospital


At the hospital that day, they wee having a contest for best Christmas tree.  Here are a few of them.




















November 30 - Our New Patio








In case you thought all we did was visit relatives, this shows otherwise.  We decided to put in a patio in the back of  the house, and then thought it would be nice if we made it of stone, instead of wood. We found this pink and white stone (Mexican rosewood, it is called) and hemmed it in with Austin white limestone.  What do you think?

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