Northeast '06                                             August, p.1

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 August 1 to August 14

We have been spending time with family.  Ed has been adding to the website, adding a section on New York 2002, and making plans to move the Alaska 2005 section to its own subdomain to make this website run a little faster.

Saturday, August 12

Montreal is an island in the St Lawrence river and even surrounded by other islands, so it's no surprise to find all sorts of watercraft.  Here are some we saw when we took a day trip to the Iles de Boucherville national park, about 10 miles from where we are staying.









We saw (and heard) this big craft approaching, and when it passed it was apparent why it made so much noise...note the three large outboard motors!





Montreal has many bicycle paths, and the park is no exception. These large lines of bicyclists are waiting for the ferry to bring them across a channel to another part of the park.






Tuesday, August 15 to Thursday, August 17

We decided to take a short trip (3 days ) to Mount Tremblant National Park in the Canadian Laurentian mountains, about 100 miles north of Montreal.  The Park is not to be confused with the Mount Tremblant ski area about 15 miles away from the entrance.










The park is filled with 450 lakes and many waterfalls.  Above are three of them, accessible by a short hike from parking lots on the side of the road.

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