Northeast '06                                             July, p.6

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Friday, July 28

 We drove quite a bit yesterday...first up Hwy 12 to Watertown, then across Hwy 12E towards the lake.  The country side was very nice with many corn fields soon ready for harvest.  We stopped in a volunteer fire department parking lot in Three Mile Bay to spend the night. It is great not having to pull the long fifth wheel trailer, going anywhere a car can go, and not needing a campsite for the night.

Today, we continued our trip up Hwy 12E, the  lakeside drive up to the Thousand Islands and Alexandria Bay.  We had been there several years ago, and enjoyed the town very much then.  But today, it was rainy, and were disappointed to find very few people out.

The three pictures are from Coles Creek State Park, further up Hwy 37 along the St Lawrence river,, where we stopped for the afternoon and evening. 







Saturday, July 29

Today, we drove to Montreal, but not before stopping at the St Lawrence Moses-Saunders power  plant and the Eisenhower lock where New York State Power Authority had an interesting museum with pictures and film on the construction of the plant.  We thought is was just about 90 minutes or so from Montreal, but it took about 4 hours going through the rest of Hwy 37 on New York, then Hwy 132/30 in Quebec.

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