Northeast '06                                             June, p.2

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Saturday, June 10

We got into Nashville yesterday afternoon, and spent the afternoon and evening with Fiona.  She had tickets for a great supper and comedy play called "Miss Firecracker Contest".   It was a good evening with many laughs and eating too much at the dinner buffet!  Ed didn't take his camera with him, so no photos. :(

On Saturday morning, we went to the Farmer's Market in Nashville, where Fiona picked up her share of vegetables from her co-op, and we had a great time looking at all of the vegetables (fresh butter-and-cream corn we took home !)  and flowers.  Later, we spent some time in  the yard (hot day again!) before getting ready for some dinner company with mutual friends in the gazebo in Fiona's backyard.

Sunday, June 11

Ed and Patty's 18th Anniversary!  One good turn deserves another!

We went to church and Bethel where we were blessed with  a gifted choir, and a visiting preacher (also history professor in new Zealand) who talked on the errors in the da Vinci Code.

We had lunch at Buca di Beppo, our favorite Italian restaurant (we have been in 5 of them , and in several of them several times: Austin and Frisco, Texas; Pasadena, CA; Albany, NY; and Nashville, TN).   






In the center is their signature salad, and the last picture is of the "Pope" room - reserved for parties, where the birthday girl or boy gets to sit in the Pope's chair...

We have sat in the "kitchen table"  in all of them...a table actually set in the kitchen where they are preparing the food.  Quite an experience.







Monday, June 12

We spent the day doing odd chores around the house.  Patty and Fiona practiced making balloon animals later in the day...

They got hung up on the balloon hippopotamus...the balloons kept popping.  Well, maybe another day...






Tuesday, June 13










We went to town (Nashville) today.  Saw lots of sights.  Here are a few of them.  On the left, the Bell South building (Batman?), the Gaylord Entertainment Center and the Parthenon (a full scale replica made for the Worlds Fair in the 1890's, and includes a 42-foot statue of Athena!).

We went for lunch to Fido - an interesting restaurant set in a former pet shop.  How about that menu?  Outside, there was painted the names of pets that have passed away.  Would you name your dog "Dame Agnes of Waggledom" or "Tallulah Belle, Queen of the World"? They must of died of embarrassment!

Actually, if you've never been to one of these types of "coffee shops", you are missing out.  We started last year when we needed internet access on the road (most have free Wi-Fi, wireless internet), and have come to enjoy stopping occasionally for a great coffee, chai, or sandwich. 










More color.




Wednesday, June 14

We had to say goodbye to Fiona and got on our way.  Instead of taking Interstate 40 across Tennessee, we dipped down on Hwy 70 towards the Cumberland Plateau, and stopped to spend the rest of the day and evening (campground) at the Fall Creek Falls State Resort Park, supposedly the most popular state park in Tennessee.  We had a good time hiking for a couple of miles through the woods and were really pleased to see Fall Creek Falls (on the far left)...the tallest falls in the Eastern US (taller than Niagara).   The falls look small in the picture, but are actually very impressive.  A few souls hiked down to the base, but we decided that if we did, we might not have the energy to come back up!  It's the pits getting older.







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