Northeast '06                                             June, p.3

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Thursday, June 15

We drove east from  Fall Creek Falls State Park towards the Great Smoky Mountains, taking country roads.  The ride was beautiful and interesting with many climbs up and down the mountains.  We found the Foothills Parkway which brought us just outside the park.  We decided to spend the rest of the day and evening at Cades Cove.  Here, there is a 11-mile road that encircles what was once a farm community from about 1820-1890.  Many buildings have been preserved, so you can get a first hand look at what pioneer life was like.








Above: a wheat and corn mill, a residence and a cantilevered barn.

Below: a hiking trail, couple enjoying the view, and a deer (many in the cove, plus bear!)







That hiking trail, and that couple "enjoying the view"...isn't that the way to enjoy a vacation?



And you know what this is,,,,

Fortunately, the welcome center, about 100 yards away, had more modern plumbing.






Friday, June 16

We took another tour around Cades Cove in the morning, then headed for Newfound Gap Road which takes you over the mountains.












The top picture was taken on Cades Cove road, the bottom at the Newfound Gap summit.  You can see why they call these the Smoky Mountains.

There are many streams through the Park, all with clear, cool water.

The Park Service has reintroduced river otters in some of these streams, also elk in the Park.









Of course, there were many flowers on the way as well...

We're staying at the Smokemont campground overnight.  The Ranger program was a hilarious "Which Poop's on Your Boots?", a look at the scat, skins and tracks of the Park's common animals.

The campground is in North Carolina, since we crossed the border with Tennessee at the Newfound Gap summit.







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