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We had planned this trip for a few weeks - to spend two weekends with Derek, Verr, Amelia and Eleanor in San Antonio, with a week's worth of sea coast (Mustang Island on the Gulf) in between.   As you will see, a few changes had to be made because of some very strong winds on the coast and the very hot weather.

Friday, April 14

We arrived yesterday in San Antonio with the truck camper, and the first item on our agenda was to take Amelia to the zoo.  We saw this little monkey everywhere:









All kinds of birds:
















Of course, alligators, tigers and elephants:










Here, Amelia is helping the zoo staff prepare a "treat" for the monkeys - frozen banana slice on a stick, covered with peanut butter, seeds, and a few worms.  That's Amelia putting a worm on the treat.








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