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FIRE on February 09, 2006

On Thursday, February 9, Patty and I went to town in Van to pick up some boxes from our storage shed.  As we left Bass Lake Ranch, where we live, and turned off county road 424 onto Hwy 1995, we saw smoke coming from a burn pile on the Garden Valley golf course which is adjacent to the ranch.  We were concerned because the county had just lifted a burn ban; it had been dry for several weeks.  On the corner of 424 and 1995, the electric company was using a cherry picker (boom truck) to install new poles and lines.  They could see the smoke from their height advantage, so we decided there was little to worry about.

About 90 minutes later, when we returned, there were several smoke plumes, the wind had started up and it was sending the smoke in the direction of the ranch.  On 424, as we approached the ranch, we saw that the fire had actually reached the road, and was preparing to jump it.  It did: about 5 minutes later.  Fortunately, we were near the Sower office, and they called the fire department.  On our side of the road, where the fire had just crossed, is a small pine tree farm with much in the way of fuel - needles on the ground, as well as the trees themselves.

The fire moved fast with the wind.  By the time we had alerted our neighbors and got to our place, the fire was very close.  Everyone was out with a water hose, as well as using wetted towels and carpets to quench the fire.  The wind was strong and pushing the fire towards our house.

I stood with a water hose as I watched 20 foot flames come closer and closer to the house.  How futile was the hose!  But how powerful are our prayers: both Patty and I took authority over the fire, and rebuked its spread in the name of Jesus, and we asked Him to change the wind direction.  He did!  We watched as the wind changed to the north, and just skirt our property.  How close did the fire come?  It had melted our plastic gutters! 

A few moments later, I came out to the front of the house choking from the smoke, and thankful for His provision.

This shows how close the fire came: about 10-12 feet from the back of the house, and the melted gutter.

















We had fire trucks from three towns, as well as the Smith County fire marshal, and the Texas Forest Service to put out the fire.










Here are some of the fire fighters!









The following Sunday, we were asked in a Sunday school class how we know that there is a God.  I was quick to point out that I am a Christian because of my relationship with Jesus Christ, and it was only because of that real and personal relationship that I could call upon Him to change the direction of the wind.  If we had any doubts before, there are none now!

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