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March - Ryker

More photos of Mike's son, Ryker




Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We've been in our new home for about 2 months now, and have some pictures to show you.  Spring has come to this part of Texas, and the flowers are blooming.  All through the area are many wild pear (white flowers) and redbud trees (pinkish flowers).  Just today, Ed purchased two 8-foot dogwood trees and planted them next to five azaleas he planted last week on the property that has the pine trees on it.


This is the part of the property with the pine trees on it.   I'll add the picture(s) with the azaleas and dogwood trees soon.



















Remember the fall picture of the property when we bought it?  The Bradford pears are now in full bloom with many white flowers.  White flowers appear in the Spring before leaves.  Later in Fall, the leaves turn reddish. Good shade during the summer as well.











Color everywhere...

The first picture is of the white flowers on the pear trees. the pink is azalea.

The last picture shows the start of flowering of one of our peach trees.












Jasmine.  There were two bougainvilleas under the arbor, but the frost got them before we moved in.



A recent sunset....

More to come...







This RV has been our home for several years. It's parked beside our new home.  Now that we have a permanent home, what will be its use in the future?



It's 37 feet long, 14 ft wide with the sides extended, and it weighs 16,000 pounds.




These are photos of our camper that we will be using now for travelling.  Some of these are from our Alaska trip.




(Later in a couple of years, it will be replaced by this larger camper.)


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