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Saturday, August 30, continued


Before we got to Bandelier on the previous page, we had spent most of the day in Santa Fe.

In Santa Fe, most buildings are of adobe, even the taller office buildings.  You can buy all kinds of stuff here.







YOur first stop after breakfast was the craft fair in the plaza.  On one side of the plaza, native americans were selling their crafts. 











We bought some jewelry for the kids form this guy.











Our next stop was the farmers market.  Of course, roasting green chili peppers, and lot of flowers for sale.











And what's a good farmers market without entertainment...








Sunday, August 31

A day of rest? So we thought. Rained hard last night.  By noon, clearing up. Went to Visitor Center, and decided to hike up to the Alcove cave site (1.1 miles each way, 140 feet up, mostly by 4 ladders).  As we approached the site, it started raining - luckily we had packed ponchos we had bought last week at the dollar store!



This picture of a picture best shows what it looks like.

But the fun is getting up the 140 feet on 4 ladders to get into it...












Here we are inside.








Came back by 2 p.m. to see the Indian Buffalo dance demonstration.  Had a quiet afternoon at home - finally!


  Well, that's been a very bust August.  We look forward now to going south to the Capitan mountains and Lone Tree Bible Camp for a Sower project in September.










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