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Sunday, August 10

We left the Gunnison area to head west through Montrose, then south to Ridgway State Park. 






Isn't it great?

The state park at Ridgway is one of the nicest parks we have been in.  The color of the lake was a turquoise blue. Can't see the color too well because of the clouds at the time.








Here's Patty taking it in...










We went into the town of Ridgway, a few miles south, where they were having their annual town fair. 

Isn't this interesting?  An older VW turned into a coffee wagon.









This is the bark of a large cottonwood tree that was in the park.


Interesting, isn't it, how you can see something new in things which are everywhere?







On the way back to the campground.  Mountains everywhere. It's going to be difficult to be back in Texas. No wonder that so many Texans holiday in Colorado.









Monday, August 11

We drove south to Ouray, and enjoyed the day there.  On the way there, the scenery was outstanding...



We then went south up on dirt road 361 towards Camp Bird and nearly made it up to the top, but decided to turn around when the road went at a steep grade, and was full of stones.  On the way, however, more great views.














This is Ouray from the north side. Other views along Camp Bird Road follow:



Sometimes you will try anything for good cell phone reception. Yes, that's a sharp drop.


















Ouray is an interesting town.


Lots of historical buildings...






Waterfalls right in town...



And deer coming down to town to eat apples fallen out of a tree...







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